The Elemental Yoga School is the worlds leading Holistic Yoga Therapy training in 5 Element medicine. It is the only School taught with over 25 years experience and proven clinical results in common and chronic health issues which offers its students a unique and rare learning opportunity. This website aims to share information on the Yoga of the 5 Elements.

Elemental Yoga is the 5 Element Tantric Yoga path for creating a self-developing balance through looking for sincere and sacred harmony of the Natural Forces and Subtle Energies of life.

This teaching gives genuine and organic guidance, towards a natural way to feel free to fully express the humanity of being, to transcend emotional habits through 
discovering the appropriate purpose of the Feminine and Masculine qualities in all things, and to learn to surrender control of the moment so that we can see, and be seen by each other.

Once you have taken a few steps along the path to rebalancing your relationship with Nature's Elements, you may realize its not only the fastest way to real development, but really the most beautiful.


The Elemental Yoga School Courses are held with the highest respect for diversity and are offered as the Individuals Path 
to remembering your birthright :

                                                                                              To Belong in Nature.