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Summer Salt

Internationally Accredited Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Summer Salt first connected to Yoga when she was 18 years old and living in Holland. At the time she was already an avid surfer, and found the connection to being in nature's Elements, combined with exploring the forces of Yogic practices came to feed her desire to explore the Healing Arts.
In that same year she completed her first Zen Shiatsu Training, after which she started treating people from her community, and since has been teaching Zen Shiatsu during the Yoga trainings with The Elemental Yoga School.

Summer is an experienced Yoga Teacher, Reiki channel, energy healer and a nature lover with a passion for spending time deep in the forests and mountains.
Her approach to Teaching Pregnancy Yoga is unique and very timely, as its rituals form an experience for both Mother, Father and Child that bind them together through the 10 Moon cycles of new life.

In the last 4 years, she has completed over 1000 Hrs of Yoga studies in Elemental Yoga Therapy and works as a pregnancy Yoga Teacher in Amsterdam, where she is also currently exploring several forms of modern Dance and method Acting training.