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Summer Salt


I first connected to holistic medicine and Yoga when I was 18 years old and living in Holland. At that time, I was already an avid surfer, and the connection of being in nature's elements, combined with exploring the forces of Yogic practices, awoke in me a desire to explore the healing arts.


In that same year I completed my Zen Shiatsu Training, after which I started treating people from my community. With over a decade of experience behind me, I am currently teaching Zen Shiatsu during the Yoga Therapy trainings with The Elemental Yoga School.


Over the last 12 or so years, I have also built up a diverse experience as a Yoga Teacher, Zen Shiatsu practitioner, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. I also work as a Reiki channel, and enjoy sharing this attunement, teaching others how to heal themselves, as well as providing sessions for energetic healing. 


I guess it’s all relative, but I can say I am an experienced Yoga Teacher, teaching on international programs as a qualified Yoga Therapy Teacher Trainer. My approach to Teaching 5 Element based Pregnancy Yoga has been received as a unique and very timely concept, as the rituals I share form an experience for both Mother, Father and Child, binding them together through the 10 Moon Cycles of the birth of new life. I have trained experienced Yoga Teachers in this form of holistic support.


As a passionate dancer, it came naturally to me to create a 5 Element Dance program, which I enjoy sharing as another way of connecting to and moving with the Elements. It has proven to be a great alternative way to use as a movement based 5 Element Therapy, as well as exploring your own creative movement and relationship to the Elemental Qualities.


Outside of my work, I am a nature lover, with a love for spending time outdoors, both in the ocean and the bush. I also enjoy playing music and have been emerged in the process of learning method Acting.