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Set in the lush North Bali hills, The Elemental Yoga School Trainings will take you deep into the fundamental energies that serve to express every aspect of our Nature. Held in privacy at exclusive Balinese Retreat Centre,  we have easy access to the Beach, the Temples, the Jungles and the Waterfalls. 

The center is offered as an exclusive private retreat center, although it is a community based Non-Profit organisation with its helping hands reaching out to the island with support as diverse as scholarships for children schools, reef preservation, music schools, nature preservation and help for the, old, orphaned and poor people of the region. Its a great feeling to know that, through the fees paid for the courses,  The Elemental Yoga School brings to Bali a very real financial support at these levels, and we take an active private role in sponsoring the Music School  Project, protecting the Gamalan from being lost from the Temple performances which have entertained the Balinese for thousands of years.

The Centre is beautifully set out, offering high standard rooms in single and double occupancy. The center has a great view of the ocean which is only minutes away by free shuttle. It has a salt water swimming pool and is hidden in the jungle of North Bali’s hills. The Shala is an half open space surrounded by trees and water and is set in a backdrop of birdsong and wind sounds.


Bali herself is quite a force, and its been a common experience for students to experience changes as soon as they commit to travelling there and undertaking this program. It is a unique, and rare opportunity and is the worlds leading Yoga Therapy Training Course in Nature’s 5 Element Medicine