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The 200Hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training

This course is a unique professional yoga training which teaches you how to connect and work with the medicine of the energetics of Hatha yoga, focusing on providing a broad set of skills and personal challenges which combine to qualify you as a 200-hour registered International Yoga Teacher as well as to take the opportunity to explore your own relationship to the yoga, and the energies of the 5 elements. 

Training system
Looking, at first, into the core skills that you will need to teach deeply nourishing Yoga classes, while exploring the philosophies that encourage us to live more in unison with the world we belong to, and then developing an understanding of the real purpose behind all the modern styles of yoga and Asana, The Elemental Yoga School Training's will ultimately teach you how to create classes which prevent and re-balance many common health complaints as well as give you the skills to counsel and balance individual health issues, both in group yoga and one-to-one teaching. The system is natural, simple, and still ancient, yet it works on all modern lifestyle related health issues of any form - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, while also being a thoroughly reliable path for any level of personal development beyond finding health through balance. The Elemental Yoga School is the Original and most Experienced 5 Element Yoga School anywhere in the world.


Training Highlights:

  • Ceremonies and Rituals
  • One to One Focus
  • Natural Surroundings in a Private Exclusive Centre
  • Transformative Energy Practices
  • Morning Elemental Yang yoga
  • Kinesthetic Learning Program
  • Quantum Medicine experiences
  • Evening Elemental Yin and Restorative yoga
  • Morning Theory and interactive Philosophy lecture
  • Afternoon interactive Practice session
  • 200-hour Certificate from Yoga Alliance upon completion of the program
  • Tuition for the full 200-hour curriculum
  • Elemental Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • Beautiful Accommodation
  • Elemental Diet and Healthy Tasty Food
  • Ocean Views
  • Free transport from the Mountain to the Beach


This training gives you thorough teaching experience during the course. You will be individually guided in developing yourself into the kind of yoga teacher you wish to become. The Elemental Yoga School Training Skills are proven and loved by hundreds of past students who you can connect with if you wish to find out about their experience.

As it is a Yoga Alliance Accredited Certificate program the main subjects of

Sequencing Asana 
Building Class Structures
Assisting with Adjustments
Anatomy and Physiology 
Yoga Bio-Mechanics
Yoga Philosophy
Pregnancy Yoga

The course also contains a stream of complimentary subjects such as Hindu Cosmology, Tantra, Kundalini, 5 Element Natural Medicine Theory, Subtle Body Anatomy, Kirtan, Shamanic Rituals, Holistic Nutrition, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Connective Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Journaling, and Indian Traditional Puja.  This makes this training unique in its ability to share deeply useful information of the kind which people are really seeking out there in the Yoga world.


On a personal level, aside from the information aspect of this course, the 5 element philosophy can be fully embodied through this intensive experience of the natural yoga of movement, meditation and nutrition, as it is a live-in ashram style training where you are constantly connecting to the concepts that you are studying - from the mat, to the professionally run kitchen, to the jungle around you. It is a platform for students to learn how to truly harness the medicine of the energetic of Hatha yoga. Using the environment to nourish your imbalances and desires is a timeless practice, and this course is aimed at keeping that aspect of Yoga tradition relevant to the needs of our modern environment. Framed within a journey through the seasonal forces of Summer, Harvest, Autumn, Winter and Spring, this course will take you through an elemental energy wave that teaches you how to ride the highs and lows of the earths transitions across the seasons and through the bigger cycles of the solstices and equinoxes, into sync with the depths of the moon's cycles, reconnecting you to the forces of nature in a potent and life-affirming experience.


Daily schedule

- Morning Elemental Yang Yoga with Therapeutic Themes for balancing the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, or Spirit

- Vegan or Vegetarian or Gluten Free Organic Breakfast

- Morning Interactive Lectures and Study Circles

- Vegan or Vegetarian or Gluten Free Organic Lunch

- Free time

- Afternoon Interactive Skills and Practice Sessions, and some Rituals and Ceremonies

- Evening Elemental Yin Yoga with Therapeutic Themes for balancing the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, or Spirit

- Vegan or Vegetarian or Gluten Free Organic Dinner

- Free Time/Study Time


Jai C. Salt

Jai. C. Salt is a Healer and Teacher with over 20 years’ experience in Yoga Therapy and Holistic Energy Healing, whose work is both unique and surprising. He is the Creator and Director of The Elemental Yoga School, Energy Medicine Retreat facilitator, a Master-Teacher of Japanese Zen Shiatsu and is a Qualified Practitioner of Kinesiology, an Holistic Nutritionist, and has studied Connective and Remedial Massages in both Swedish and Thai styles. With 20 Years Clinic experience he has also been treating people with all levels of health issues, using other vibrational and movement based modalities as Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanic Healing, Qi Gong, and Reiki. He is an Australian Qualified Natural Therapist and Holistic Counsellor.



This Yoga Therapy Teacher Training will be held in The Gaia-Oasis Abasan Retreat Centre in Tejakula, Bali, Indonesia 


Group size

This training is now open for enrolment and limited to 18 students.


Course information

If you want to work in your community with powerful natural medicine as a yoga teacher and therapist, then this training offers you the skills and the environment to take yoga deeper into your daily living. Skype meetings are required by all Applicants where the full course curriculum can be shared in detail.



A 500 Euro Non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the Elemental Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. All remaining fees are due 60 days due to the start date of the course. Transfer details for all fees will be given to successful applicants.



No refund will be given if cancellation occurs within 60 days before the start date of any Training course Once the course begins, no refunds will be given if cancellation occurs. Rare circumstances will be considered

If you would like to receive more information about this training you can Contact Us for the Brochure.

The 300Hr Elemental Yoga Therapy Teacher Training
There is a further 300Hr Elemental Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course in Bali, available each year and directly after the 200Hr Teacher Training Program in October in Bali. This kind of study program is a very rare and unique opportunity to complete a 500Hr Yoga Training at your own pace with the promise of continuity of information, and developing a personal connection to a School that is committed to creating real relationships with its students and their studies. This entire program uncovers the skills that are needed to work with the depths of natural healing through Yoga Therapy, and much much more. The Elemental Yoga School is currently training past students to assist on future courses and this door is open to all past students