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The Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training ~ Pre- & Postnatal Yoga Studies

Due to the current international travel restrictions, the Elemental Yoga School only offers private trainings in Australia until further notice. We are monitoring the international travel restrictions closely in order to decide when our international group courses are re-opening for application. Feel free to contact us for more information about our private courses in Australia. 

This is a new opportunity from The Elemental Yoga School, the world’s leading Holistic Yoga Therapy professional training program in 5 Element Medicine.


Pregnancy Yoga is becoming exceedingly popular for its ability to help mothers and partners to turn inward to their intuitive and natural understandings of the magic of life bearing. As a Yoga teacher, being able to provide the kind of space that women are seeking to help them stay connected during pregnancy will endear you to many new yoga students. Often women who have never practiced before, make their way to yoga once they become pregnant. This course will help you serve the community in one of the most beautiful and important phases of health and wellbeing.

This one of a kind live-in training, approaches the experience of pregnancy as an energy rhythm which spans a 10 Moon cycle. It offers a way to evoke the 5 Elements in Yoga practices and pregnancy Rituals, which deliver a time honored and timely reconnection to the power of the feminine wisdom. Aligning for better health, through the energy of our Moons rhythm, we can learn how to connect to the Natural forces of creation, that we as women carry.

Learn how to create Yoga that balances the effects of the Trimester changes and supports the psychological waves which go with the hormonal and environmental challenges that pregnancy brings to women’s lives.

From Fertility practices, to Pregnancy Yoga and Rituals which bind us and our partners to the cycles of Life, to the wonder of Birth and early stages of life on Earth, this experience is set to enrich the experiences for mothers, both young and new or with families at all ages, to empower yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and partners to support the healthy and spiritually vital passage of our next generations here on Earth.

Yoga can create a deeply trusting bond with the forces of Nature, and when it is offered with respect to the broad cultural and personal approaches to sustaining healthy life, it is a joy to share. The 10 Moon Temple Yoga Rituals are non-secular and all-embracing Yoga practices, which through their diversity and simplicity are offered as a service to humanity in the highest respect for the women of our time.

As a Yoga Teacher, you will learn how to create a safe and nurturing environment for pregnant women to come and connect to themselves, and their babies. You will be able to share philosophies and practices that greatly support the holistic and healthy approach to childbirth.

Wherever we have a natural shift in life’s direction, we have the support of the 5 Elements to soften and deepen the ride. This training will show you how to use the qualities of the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Spirit to enrich and encourage the lives of pregnant woman, to trust the nature of childbearing, to ease the often-challenging needs that they encounter from the western system of medicine. It is the ideal harmonic to the serious side of bearing life, and an important support through this indescribable passage of life.


The Curriculum

5 Element Rituals for Creation and Fertility

Building Moon-Phase Yoga Rhythms

The Subtle-Energy Body

Pranayama, Mudra, and Mantra

Partner Practices

The Sacred Yoni

Reproductive Anatomy

The Holistic Moon Phase Women’s Cycle

The Hormonal Curves

Pre/Post Natal Anatomy and Physiology

Birth Physiology

ZenShiatsu for Pregnancy

Daily schedule

Morning Pregnancy Yoga Class with specific Themes for connection to different aspects of the pregnancy, related to the Elements

Vegan or Vegetarian or Gluten Free Organic Breakfast

Morning Interactive Lecture and Study Circles

Vegan or Vegetarian or Gluten Free Organic Lunch

Free Time

Afternoon Interactive Skills & Practice Sessions, and some Rituals and Ceremonies

Evening Pregnancy Yin Yoga Class with specific Themes for connection to different aspects of the pregnancy, related to the Elements

Vegan or Vegetarian or Gluten Free Organic Dinner

Free Time/Study Time



This Elemental Yoga Teacher Training will be held in The Gaia-Oasis Abasan Retreat Centre in Tejakula, Bali and in the Mountains in the Sierra Nevada, Spain.


Group size

This training is now open for enrolment and limited to 18 students.


Course information

If you want to work in your community with powerful natural medicine as a yoga teacher and therapist, then this training offers you the skills and the environment to take yoga deeper into your daily living. Skype meetings are required by all Applicants where the full course curriculum can be shared in detail.



A 500 Euro Non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in The Elemental Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training. All remaining fees are due 60 days due to the start date of the course. Transfer details for all fees will be given to successful applicants.



No refund will be given if cancellation occurs within 60 days before the start date of any Training course. Once the course begins, no refunds will be given if cancellation occurs.

 If you would like to receive more information about this training you can Contact Us for the Brochure.

The 200Hr and 300Hr Elemental Yoga Therapy Teacher Training
There is a further 200Hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training Course available in February, right before this training, which makes it possible to combine the two teacher trainings together and there is another 200Hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training Course available in September. There is also a 300Hr Elemental Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course in Bali, available each year in October. This kind of study program is a very rare and unique opportunity to complete a 500Hr Yoga Training at your own pace with the promise of continuity of information, and developing a personal connection to a School that is committed to creating real relationships with its students and their studies. This entire program uncovers the skills that are needed to work with the depths of natural healing through Yoga Therapy, and much much more. The Elemental Yoga School is currently training past students to assist on future courses and this door is open to all past students