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Skye (New Zealand)
10 Mar 2018
"I loved learning about pre-natal yoga and the ways that yoga can be adapted to care for yourself, a baby and your inner child. The course integrated the elements beautifully and focused on empowering women to view their pregnancy positively. I enjoyed the practical classes and coming up with creative ideas to benefit mothers and hold space during this sacred time in their lives.
Summers teaching was informative and engaging. Her gentle delivery and thoughtful presentation of the course was clear in every practice. I appreciated Summers classes, the time she took to discuss creative ideas with me and how much she cares for women."

Lizzie (United States)
10 Mar 2018
"The pre-natal course brought me closer to myself as a woman and what I learned I feel I can apply to much more than pregnancy. It's amazing to be able to offer yoga to a woman going through such a life-changing transition. And I feel comfort in knowing that I can work to bring new life into this world in such a connected holistic way.

Summer brought a soft yet strong feminine spirit to the course, Though she may seem soft - she knows how to teach you through a challenging class. Summer has a genuine grace to her that's really wonderful to be around and I loved connecting with her during the Training."

Laura Poeta (Spain)
9 Mar 2018
"My experience in the Elemental Pre-Natal Yoga Course has been a way to discover myself in another perspective. It was a great mix of study concepts and indulging in the feminine energies, sharing feelings about woman's explorations and how to use Yoga in a way that supports life-bearing and ritual connection. It was very interesting the way Summer taught us, because I started to realize how strongly connected the Elements are with pregnancy and I can't imagine a Pre-Natal Course without them. All the subjects are covered and she also introduces new ideas that in my opinion are needed in society that we live in. Society is slowly losing this sense of nourishment and gentleness that pregnancy and child bearing deserves.
Summers teaching is beautifully delivered. Her simplicity and her own connection to yoga proves that the key or reality of a successful yoga practice is to be pure, to teach from your heart. The way she creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere makes enjoyable practices where you have a great opportunity to connect with yourself and really explore. Therefore, the outcome is clear: you walk out with a peaceful, compassionate feeling to share with the world"

Daisy Stelzer (United States)
7 Mar 2018
"I loved the Pre-Natal Yoga course. I understand pregnancy and what a woman goes though when creating life in a much deeper way. My compassion and connection to that process is on a whole other level than before taking this course and I'm truly excited to get the opportunity to work with pregnant women, helping them through their experience. Through these classes I also understand how to modify and adapt classes to the needs of not only pregnant women, but any people who may need alternatives to normal yoga Asanas.

I loved Summer's gentle, feminine approach to teaching that was also strong and informative. She was engaging, approachable, knowledgeable and passionate. Having the opportunity to learn Pre-Natal Yoga was such a gift and Summer shared it wonderfully!"

Emily Wild (United States)
7 Mar 2018
"This course was really a great experience and exceeded my expectations. As a woman taking the course, the way Summers ideas connected me into my body was really valuable to go through. The elements working with Pre-Natal Yoga was intuitive and really enriched my understanding, providing a reliable framework for how to care for someone going through their pregnancy.
Summer's teaching is graceful. I really connected to her energy and classes. Her prenatal insights and connection to feminine energy guided me to my own relationship to those concepts. She's an authentic and very effective teacher."

Claire Moon (United States)
7 Mar 2018
"The Pre-Natal Yoga course was a surprising journey. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to study in this way and to learn more about the sacredness of Women and Womb. I feel more connected to this part of myself. I have learned a lot and look forward to empowering women and connecting them to their own inner feminine qualities.
Summer is amazing. You can feel her heart through her teaching. She held the space beautifully and I could feel the love to share her knowledge of prenatal yoga. She understands the sacredness of the divined feminine part of ourselves and the magic of creation."

Maxine (United Kingdom)
7 Mar 2018
"I really enjoyed the pre-natal course, especially the Partner Yoga. The lectures were always interesting, helpful and well informed for the many changes that Yoga can support within the 3 trimesters. I feel confident in myself that I know the adaptions to make and I could teach a beginners' pregnancy yoga class.
I really enjoyed the way Summer teaches, she has such a sincere way to share ideas which makes you want to absorb and learn from her. Summer is very approachable. You can see the passion in her when she is teaching."

Terje (Norway)
7 Mar 2018
"Having spent my life balancing male and female energies within myself, coming to Summers Pregnancy Yoga let me know deeper how to work with Mother Earth's beautiful energies. Summers gentle spirit brings out the gentle and soft within you, making you feel safe and in good hands. I would without a doubt entrust Summer to teach my wife and child Elemental yoga. A Wonderful teacher."

Berat (Turkey)
6 Mar 2018
"This course was really fun! Pregnanacy Yoga, Partner Yoga, even Chair Yoga. In the beginning, I thought the ideas were really just for pregnant women, before and after childbirth, but Summer used the space to show how you can use Prenatal yoga concepts with old or physically limited people.
I'm grateful that she was willing to spend time with me to explain the things I was confused with when my English didn't quite work!"