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Elemental Yoga Therapy Clinic at Ashiyana Yoga Resort, Goa India

In October 2012, Ashiyana hosted an intensive course in EYT, with the goal to establish an Elemental Yoga Therapy Clinic, with highly skilled staff, teaching a philosophy that mirrors the resorts' aims and ideals. By late March it was clear that the endeavor had been a great success, with hundreds of guests finding the private one-to- one Elemental Yoga sessions to be of deep benefit.

As Ashiyana continues to provide more than just relaxation for its guests, it now looks to meet more Yoga teachers interested in studying EYT to take a place in the Clinic team this coming season, and in seasons ahead.

The Yoga resort in Goa has long held a good reputation amongst guests looking for a great Indian experience where they can also restore themselves from the rigors of daily life. This unique yoga therapy system, with its deep roots in traditional yoga and folk medicine, is simple, approachable, and thoroughly effective.

Past graduates of the Elemental Yoga Therapy Training intensives have been able to go out and create work opportunities immediately after the course, as it takes the skills you have as a qualified Yoga teacher and specializes you, through a natural medicinal yoga philosophy. It makes medicine out of energy and teaches a comprehensive system that gives you the confidence to treat your client’s health issues with all forms of yoga practices.

" Yoga Therapy is always going to be a feather in your cap, as it is really empowering people to learn about their energy, and to be able to do something simple for themselves, something that remedies societies increasingly common health issues. The live-in ashram style course is a wonderful personal opportunity to shift your own Elemental patterns and then step further into your path as a yoga teacher" Jai suggests.

If you are interested in the next EYT Training Bali, starting in September and October 2018, you can read about the Course Content or Contact Us with any enquiries.

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