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Here are some Testimonials from our Students who have studied Elemental Yoga with us. If you wish to contact any of them to ask about their experience learning and applying this approach to Yoga , just ask us and we will put you in connection. 

Dana Harvey, New Zealand
9 Dec 2016
"Having long term Diabetes was the initial reason I attended this Course as years of seeking a new understanding for my condition was never met by modern medicine.What I have learned in this course is unquestionable. Elemental Yoga has enabled me to understand more about this condition than any doctor, health professional, nutritionist has ever done. Its holistic approach in its delivery incorporates everything & combines it all to a powerful tool that has had undeniable effects. Diabetes alone has had a profound level of insulin reduction while maintaining better readings than I have had before.

I found it comical as for so long I have been seeking all these answers & the foundations of this course allowed me to see they were in front of me the whole time. This course is a profound collection of knowledge & experiences all combined down into a powerful, yet simple approach that anyone can experience. It just works & better yet, everyone can access it. This concept of what Jai has managed to combine is all his years of experience takes everything to the next level. Yoga is no longer just yoga – it is so much more, a deeper awakening, a connection, the movement of energies, the alignment with nature, the healing tool is simply limitless in its potential following this approach.

My insulin reduction was substantial, my reliance shifted, all the underlying issues that exist with a condition like this have all started positively shifting. It excites me to even think of the possibilities this knowledge can have on a bigger scale.

It truly has been an eye-opening experience & I am extremely grateful that this course was written so thoroughly. I am ever grateful to Jai & his life’s teachings, for his sharing of all his knowledge & experiences in an incredible course, designed perfectly to unlock potential, deliver knowledge & share experiences, to ultimately give you a toolbox and skillset overflowing with this limitless potential to take home to share.

It is simple, it is undeniable & I am excited to keep growing."

Karli Kuruz, Canada (Yoga Teacher)
8 Dec 2016
"Each yoga class was a gift, a beautiful energy experience that helped me to integrate and release old habits and patterns that were holding me back. These yoga classes have completely revolutionised my ideas of what yoga is and the profound effect it can have on people.

After finishing this course, I feel the most complete and satisfied that I have felt in years. Before this course, I was turning into a bit of a 'course addict', always seeking a teacher outside of myself to help me to better understand myself, understand the way of the world and how to help others. This training showed me the way back to the teacher within myself and the ever-present, always supportive and unconditionally loving teacher within Nature. I am leaving the course with the wisdom of simplicity and a deep understanding of myself on every level.

Jai has a wealth of knowledge and genuine experience in Holistic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, which he makes available through simple and powerful techniques. Jai is someone who really lives what he is teaching and it is such an inspiration to see what this living philosophy really looks like when put into practice over the course of one's lifetime. He keeps the course light and playful while also creating a sacred and safe place for deeply transformational processes."

Camilla Triulzi, Switzerland
8 Dec 2016
"This training is set within the unique structure to first allow the experiences teach me directly, so that once we got to the more theoretical part of the course, my body already knew what we were exploring. This made the Elemental Yoga learning experience so deep and changing at the same time. Every day we were perfectly attuned to the previous one, taking the experience deeper, leaving space to let it integrate and become a part of myself. There was a clear and strong structure to this course, yet still I had so much space, for myself and to connect with the group as well.

I found exactly what I’ve been looking for so widely in today’s modern yoga approach – finally a philosophy that creates a deep connection to myself through the energetic nature of Elemental Yoga. I discovered the beauty and the power of simplicity. The training showed me the great power that lies behind communicating and working in tune with Nature.

Jai is like a never-ending spring of wisdom, always something new to learn. I could feel Nature speaking through him and this Yoga training is a very healing and joyful experience! I feel like I’m not the same as I was before this course, it truly transformed me."

Lars Audun, Norway
8 Dec 2016
"By the depth of this training you can sense it is carefully woven together, aligned with the energy of the group. It’s impossible to describe the importance of the wisdom wrapped up in the experiences of this course. The beauty of this approach to Yoga Therapy is that rather than engaging with only the intellect, Elemental Yoga appeals to the wisdom of the body itself. It’s talking directly from the energies from Nature, deeply connecting you to the bigger picture of life. For me it is transformative, simple and yet immensely deep at the same time.

Elemental Yoga helps me to dive into the very essence of myself, unravelling old emotional patterns I have had all my life. It is like I am unravelling and putting myself back together in a way that aligns more with who I want to be.

This yoga has changed my life into a life more worthy of celebrating. I am more connected to my emotions, and to the way I interact with others. It works on all aspects of myself, and the wisdom of it never seems to end. A practice I will keep for the rest of my life."

Elena Wollesen, Denmark
8 Dec 2016
"This course turned my world upside down. Before this course I was just an ordinary girl who didn’t know much about spirituality, energy or yoga and I definitely hadn’t experienced anything like this.

During the course, I began a personal transformation. My picture and belief of who I was as a person changed, as well as my one-dimensional view of the world. I literally began to experience that I’m not just a body with a mind. I also had an energy body and a psychic body. I began to feel the energy moving within me. During meditation, I discovered a whole new world, a new dimension. I now feel like I’m a whole lot closer to finding the true me. Nature is a powerful thing.

Every yoga class was a little piece of magic for me. It always took me by surprise. I felt clearly how my energy body responded to the yoga. I began to feel how the energy ran in my meridians and felt how a great, wild, beautiful energy started to get alive inside of me. The yoga and meditation helped me to get in contact with my psychic body. I got a glimpse of what I’m about to become and saw a beautiful and slightly overwhelming world, beyond this one.

I truly admire Jai’s work in Elemental Yoga Therapy. It comes across so easily because he is a real source of true Yoga knowledge and direct experiences. He is very caring, supportive, positive and his great sense of humour helped me a lot when things were difficult. Elemental Yoga is very simple and yet very effective. Its simplicity helped to create a space where you can connect with your true self and develop a healing spirituality."

Christy Graniere, USA (Yoga Teacher)
7 Dec 2016
"I have been turned inside out, wrung out and transformed to the physical, emotional and spiritual woman I was meant to be. Each Elemental Yoga Class awakened my senses and energetic body to give me a deep appreciation of the Elements.

I had no idea when I signed up for the course how life changing it would be. I am excited to share my new appreciation for Nature, the Elements, the Energetic and Subtle body, to those I meet and hopefully illuminate their lives to their highest potential."

Emilie Maynor, USA
7 Dec 2016
"‘Don’t be confused between advanced yoga and deep yoga’ – Jai said during the first lecture. Then he spent the next month giving us that experience over and over. The yoga allowed me to explore depths which other Yoga practices did not reveal. I felt completely alive and in my body for the first time.

Every aspect of this course exceeded my expectations. I’ve practiced yoga for 10 years and taught for 7 years, but no program or training has given me such simple, but profound tools to connect with myself. Jai has created a holistic educational journey so deep, to the point that you often don’t realize how much you’re learning.

I feel like I have the tools to keep myself on track and that I gained a new trust for my future.

Jai has a remarkable gift and ability to create and hold space. The ebbs and flows of this course felt intentional and meaningful down to each moment. The attention he gave to each individual to make sure we all had a chance to experience our own energetic depths was admirable. He showed up fully present each day and held space for us to feel what it means to be conscious and subtle."

Erika Sloss, Canada
7 Dec 2016
"I feel confident in the potency of this Yoga Therapy to transform my physical and emotional obstacles. I also feel confident that I will be able to take what I’ve learned and help many different people with the kinds of health imbalances that are becoming common in our world.

Jai’s Yoga classes are powerful experiences which build emotionally intelligent Yoga sequences which direct healing energy to where the healing is needed. By really connecting to the cycles of our body and environment, it has awakened my innate healing wisdom within me.

Going through each Element, different imbalances came to the surface and I was able to deal with this through the yoga practices, instead of needing help from others. I was able to heal from the inside out, which is wonderful gift and a powerful form of Natural Therapy."

Tini Krumsiek, Germany
7 Dec 2016
"Elemental Yoga gave me the most incredible energy experiences I’ve ever had. All of the classes were built on a powerful foundation, which made it possible for me to connect to myself way beyond my physical body.

I discovered, observed and experienced myself in ways I never have before. Trusting that my body will show me what I need and that Nature will give me the tools to balance my Self is an incredible feeling. It was deep, scary, funny, lovely, thrilling and so much more. It felt like I went through the seasons in my own body and lived through every type of weather and climate as an energy experience. Incredible

Jai created a safe space, which made it possible for me to go beyond my limits. I always felt in good hands and if needed there was always help to find myself back in the moment and to integrate my personal experience. It was a magical experience to devote myself to the Rituals he shared and I’m deeply grateful for all the offerings he shared on this path."

Tamara Malea, Mexico
7 Dec 2016
"The Elemental Yoga Therapy Teacher Training confirmed the idea I’ve had for many years; that this is ‘real yoga’. I’ve always felt deeply connected to Nature and Jai’s approach resonates solidly with me. This training swept away the doubts that keep rising in me, doubts about how I belong in a simple connection with Nature. This approach gives me a way to enrich my conversation with Mother Earth."

Linda Stevens, USA
7 Dec 2016
"Jai has an incredible knowledge and profound experiences that clearly shows that not only has he studied extensively the subject matter taught on this course, but he lives it without compromise. He is an excellent teacher in his field, which is reflected in Elemental Yoga Therapy…his impressive creation gathered over the years of his own life path. He is a master teacher in his discipline.

Coming here and going through this journey has connected me deeply with the Elements within me and my connection to Nature. From the pure diet, perfect jungle surroundings, seamless program and wonderful group of students I cherish the surprising depths we went through exploring each Element. It has been a beautiful, meaningful, healing experience that has given me life tools for myself and my clients."

Annemarie Wiedmer, Switzerland
7 Dec 2016
"Jai has many great qualities as a teacher. He’s very passionate about Yoga, Nature and the 5 Elements. The lectures were always fascinating, as each subject made me want to go deeper and broader into myself. Jai’s sense of humour was a wonderful way to keep the course light-hearted when it was needed and he is always very approachable and open, and available at all times to a level which I’ve never seen before with other teachers. His background in Yoga, Shamanism, Meditation, Zen Shiatsu, Rituals, Holistic Healing and Nature is immense and I’m very grateful that he shared it with us.

I love the teachings of the 5 Elements and I am really looking forward to go deeper into my own practice knowing what I know now."

Minesh Vaghji, England
7 Dec 2016
"It was so much more than just a Yoga course, and I have few words to help you understand it. I found the experience a beautiful personal journey which helped me develop a deep connection to myself through the understanding of the dialogue we are having with Nature.

I want to start at the beginning with the Elemental Yoga School and really dive into the world of energy that is inside the teachings Jai shares on living Yoga philosophy."

Nicole Gibbard, England
6 Dec 2016
"To be able to totally surrender to a Yoga experience of pure energy movement through a truly multidimensional medicinal philosophy, gave me with absolute faith and confidence in Nature’s wisdom. This is the teaching within Elemental Yoga.

To feel the physical body move effortlessly from an energetic source rising from a deeper connection than only my breathe and my discipline is a life-changing practice. It allowed the full force of Nature to heal the deepest issues of mind and body.

This was the second time I’ve done this training and after 20 years of Yoga experiences I realise that this time I have not only been able to see this training through new and wiser eyes, but also enforce my absolute faith and confidence in nature’s ability to remain present and giving to those wishing to receive."

Marion Formeau, France
6 Dec 2016
"Jai is providing a life-changing experience, with a multi-dimensional, broadly subjected, vast, fulfilling, challenging and fun curriculum. The yoga classes he gives are absolutely unique. The connection to the Elements and Nature, as obvious as it seems after his course, will change the way I live."

Naori Ishikawa Japan (Artist)
15 Mar 2016
"Elemental Yoga Theory seems so simple in the end, yet for us living in this world it's not easy to realize it. The Yoga Therapy course taught me how to feel more connected with nature, and so now the things I value are changing.

I can really see how we, as human beings, have been making things so complicated and the Training process itself taught me how to go back what we were all doing originally.

What I learnt from the training was priceless, it was more than yoga, or perhaps it is just the very essence of yoga, and I really feel how now I am on the right path."

Iris Enz, Austria (Yoga Teacher, MA Sociology & Communication)
16 Dec 2015
"The EYT experience was a deep process of learning, understanding and feeling the connection to myself, nature and everything that surrounds us again. My perception of life has changed and I now feel more self-determined and able to set the right impulses on the right energy levels to balance my own nature, my whole life.
The Elemental Yoga concept is an amazing model to make sustainable, deep changes within yourself and also help others to do the same. I now feel my own home, my center and my path and trust the flow of life more than I ever did.

For me as a yoga teacher it gives me more trust and I connect to my students on a deeper level, which makes real transformation possible."

Emily Shain, USA (Yoga Teacher)
15 Dec 2015
"The Elemental Yoga Therapy Training was in countless ways one of the best gifts I have ever been granted as a teacher and student of yoga but also as a person looking to grow. Not only did what I learn broaden my understanding of yoga, holistic health, but it also made me certain in my ability to help others-- students, friends, even clients who start off as strangers.

There is not often a day that goes by that I do not think of these teachings, and the resulting personal realizations, which came through the courses’ power in constantly connecting me with the simplest truths and experiences."

Evan Keith, California (Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur)
15 Dec 2015
"One of the most valuable things I learnt through The Elemental Yoga Therapy Training was actually how to observe and be aware of myself and to accept that every day I am a bit different.

I learned to observe myself without judgement (sometimes!) - or if anything to simply be aware of it, to develop what I feel, not what I think I should feel. I would do this course over and over again because I know that every time I would learn so much more about the ever changing nature of myself."

Tara Clemeons USA (Councelor, Natural Health Practitioner)
14 Dec 2015
"The Training leads us through an intuitive creative path in developing a relationship with ourselves, allowing us to gather our own unique set of organic tools in the healing process, as a means to then offer healing to others.

I will be forever grateful for the journey I took in Elemental Yoga Therapy philosophy. As challenging as it is to put the feelings and lessons absorbed into words, with such an intense program, I will say that it has changed my views, values, and perception of life in a number of different ways.

As an extraordinary experience of unfolding, this was a gift to have as a yoga teacher or health practitioner or just simply as a living being."

Amber Sawyer PhD, USA (Yoga Teacher, Healing Arts Director)
15 Nov 2015
""The Elemental Yoga Therapy training is absolutely one of a kind: bravely, wisely and aesthetically revealing the Essence of ancient traditions including Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, TCM, Shiatsu, and Shamanism into a simple, pure, communicable reflection of Nature herself.

The wisdom can be woven with ease into daily living, yoga development, as well as any healing modality, and ultimately into the way in which we understand and experience our Selves.

This course is creatively structured as a programme so that each student can experience the dynamic dance of the elements, allowing the elements to reveal their inherent polarities within our physical and subtle bodies. After 18 days together, I had a completely new perspective of the Elements, as well as a renewed love affair with Nature!

Finally, I feel that I've been guided into a course of study that brings the Wisdom of the sages into an evolved, conscious & modern day approach towards empowering the individual to tap into their own energetic potential. I look forward to continued studies with the EYT programme! ""

Alvaro Madeira, Portugal (Raw Food Chef)
14 Nov 2015
"This course came to me at the right time in my life, As someone who already had a connection to ritual life, I was truly moved as I learned to relate with Mother Nature and her Elements on a much deeper level.

I was expertly guided and supported all the way through my discoveries by these two extraordinary teachers . It is difficult to be more specific, because words don't really describe the feelings that come with moving the Elements into harmony with yourself. I am deeply touched by this course."

Diana Ng, Singapore (Creative Healer)
14 Nov 2015
"The Elemental Yoga Therapy course is not your regular Yoga TTC. instead, it is an immersive experience of the Five Elements within and without. One of the great things I got from this course has been a greater freedom, and yet purpose, in my personal practice - being able to intentionally create a practice that fits what my body needs in this moment to come back into elemental balance."

Katya Melnikova, Russia (Yoga Teacher, Fashion Model)
13 Nov 2015
"The incredible, truly priceless knowledge that I have received during the EYT is always there now. I gained the courage to go in deeper with my emotions and learnt how to access them with much respect and appreciation!

One way that the course affected, and it affected me in many good ways, was how it gave me a clearer path to enter myself and feel my own body in a real natural way, the way that it always felt right but that I had forgotten, even not fully understood until now.

Every day I felt some special energy that was passed along after each class. Ttruly amazing experiences. Thank You!"

Stephanie Bovis, Singapore (Televison Presenter, Yoga Teacher)
13 Nov 2015
"The decades of training, work, and understanding behind the structure of this training were very apparent during the course; the level of knowledge on a multitude of concepts were expressed to formulate a very holistic approach to Yoga Therapy. The fusion of 5 Element Yoga, ZenShiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tantra and Healing Therapies was offered in a way that allowed us to make our own decisions on where we lie on this broad spectrum of healing methods.

I loved how I felt free to create my own interpretations of how to choose to apply Elemental Yoga in my practice and in my life.

Jai’s background in South America exploring shamanic healing also allowed for some amazing rituals to be experienced! Very cool!"

Kristina Popp, Denmark (Raw Food Chef)
19 Nov 2014
"The EYT training helped me reconnect with myself through absorbing and reconnecting to the energies of Nature's Elements. I learned new aspects of Yoga that feel more truthful and makes me realise how easy it is to be "asleep" in my former practices.

I learned that it is through subtlety and simplicity that you find the Yoga to be most effective, both physically and energetically. I am ready to go out with the experience and the comprehensive 'tool box' that comes from this very thorough training in Elemental Yoga Therapy.

I am only at the beginning, but a seed has been planted and I am committed to keep nourishing it and watch it grow. Thank you for a wonderful Yoga experience"

Martin Blueberg, Norway (Writer, Prison Yoga Teacher)
19 Nov 2014
"I have completed 3 training's with this form of Elemental Yoga, and each time the course showed me how to connect even more deeply to the Elements inside me. Teaching others how connecting to Nature and the Elements can heal and transform deeply rooted issues/imbalances is simple when you know how to use this system.

As a Teacher I work in the Norwegian Prison system, and the key practices of Elemental Yoga are fundamental to assisting my students there.

Anyone who is interested in Yoga and transformative work should put this training on their list. It teaches absolutely sincere developmental skills. Elemental Yoga Therapy has taken Yoga to another level for me."

Holli Gipson, United States (Yoga Teacher)
18 Nov 2014
"I came to the Elemental Yoga Therapy Course for two reasons.

First, I wanted to learn techniques to balance my own constitution and imbalances. Secondly, I wanted to start practicing Yoga Therapy in my community.

My 21 day journey of yogic self-inquiry was truly transformative. I am able to see and feel myself as an alchemy of Nature' s Elements. I have this deep sense of connection to the Earth and belonging to her.

I did find some answers to my personal questions, but more importantly I learned how and when to ask the right questions. The course left me completely confident and excited to help the people in my community with this wonderful form of Yoga Therapy"

Ruth Hatten, Australia (Animal Rights Lawyer)
18 Nov 2014
"With the medicine I have learnt on this course I feel I am able to continue strengthening myself, physically and emotionally. I now have an entirely new perspective on yoga. This is Yoga like no other Yoga, and I love the Therapy that it creates.

The way I experienced the forces of Nature threading me together is beautiful. To find a Teacher in Nature means I carry from this course a medicine that I can share with anyone at any level of Yoga, anywhere along their path of life challenges."

Lill Janne Legard, Norway (Documentary Maker, Director)
18 Nov 2014
"This course stands out by itself, it is a unique and fundamental Yoga path, and has a depth which makes it so very complementary to any other yoga style.

I now see Kundalini Yoga from a whole new perspective and these EYT teachings will enrich my own teaching and personal journey with my practices. Elemental Yoga Therapy is authentic. I am forever grateful and very satisfied by this teaching."

Emily Gati, Switzerland (Law Student, Dancer)
18 Nov 2014
"Having experienced my transformative Nature by balancing the Elements inside me, I learned how to feel myself in a whole new way. I became aware of my cyclic nature and my ability to attune myself to the seasons in order to live in harmony.

Experiencing and learning about the natural medicinal power of Yoga makes me confident in helping other people to balance their energies holistically. During the three weeks of training I received a lot of useful tools in order to practice and teach powerful Yoga.

But most importantly, I feel my own connection to my Earth, my Water, my Fire, my Air, and my Spirit. Feeling this connection allows me to receive Nature's wisdom as my lifelong teacher."

Nicole Gibbard, England (Yoga Teacher, Horse Trainer)
18 Nov 2014
"In just three weeks so many of my own life mysteries and misunderstandings just seem to have naturally fallen into place. Things that were hidden for so long were so easily revealed in such a short space of time.

As we have worked together as one family, we have learned how to help each other, and in doing so, how to help ourselves. A very surprising process.

Never in such a short space of time did I think such a change would be possible. This magical experience is the most powerful thing that has ever happened through me, for me. Thank you."

Siri Arti, South Africa (Children's Yoga Teacher)
18 Nov 2014
"I came to this course quite depleted and far from my center. Each day brought another shift. My light got switched back on and I now feel vital, inspired and reconnected to myself.

Learning about the 5 Elements through Yoga, Nutrition and exploring myself in real time, in real life, taught me deeply, and helped me to heal. The space that is held is completely sacred and is a very powerful opportunity.

This medicine, and the experience altogether, brought me back to myself and in that reconnection, I remember who I am. What a privilege, I am ready to use this Therapy system to hold space for others, so they too can remember."

Kristina Reunanen, Sweden (Yoga Teacher)
18 Nov 2014
"I can honestly say that the Elemental Yoga Therapy training has changed my life. Through the teachings here I have come to have a whole new understanding of what Yoga and Natural holistic medicine is all about.

By holding space in a very inspiring way and sharing of their vast knowledge Jai and Sofia have created a way to help me open my eyes and get in touch with Nature in a very real and direct way. Its hard to put words to the way that supports me, but I have never found a more simple or enjoyable path.

A truly transformational and inspiring Teacher Training that has made me feel confident and eager to go out in the world and start sharing Elemental philosophies and practices with others."

Ashley Lemay, Canada (Yoga Teacher)
18 Nov 2014
"Having now taken the Elemental Yoga Therapy training my eyes have been opened to a whole new outlook on Yoga, it is filled with a much more meaningful purpose.

This experience has provided me with the knowledge and awareness of our deep connection with Nature. I can not say enough about this course and the journey it takes you on along the way, as you experience the energies for yourself. A revelation in Yoga

My personal experience has provided me with the way to make Yoga a powerful medicinal therapy as it has proven itself through my own changes and growth. I will forever be grateful for this experience."

Helen Clarkin, South Africa (Yoga Teacher)
18 Nov 2014
"To put into words what I have experienced over this course could not do it justice. It is cliche to say it, but I truly feel like this has been ' life changing'.

I have always loved Yoga, but I have been searching since the start of my yoga journey for something....? Lots of books, lots of courses, lots of different techniques and methods of teaching and I still have not been satisfied, knowing there has to be more...?

I arrived saying I am looking for a Teacher, my Guru, believing this was what I was missing. I can honestly say I think I have found her, in Nature, in the 5 Elements. I'm a little surprised!

This experience was full of numerous energetic "first times", which solidifies the beauty of my learning, and makes it easy to process what I need to unlearn!
I am fully equipped and ready to go into the world and begin to share and help others find their connection too."

Jennifer Kenny, Ireland (Agitator, Educator, Organiser)
18 Nov 2014
"I am 52 and took a leap of faith to go on an Elemental Yoga Therapy training. I don't think I have ever worked so hard in my life, and the returns have been huge.The material is rock solid and has really put me in a position where I can see a path to lifelong strength and health.

This is a beautiful way of ' living yoga' and is built on a deep and very powerful understanding and appreciation of the Feminine in Nature.

I feel 30 again - strong, toned, flexible, and vibrant. I highly recommend this for anyone willing to put in the work, who is looking to deepen, broaden and transform their practice to something that nurtures body, soul, mind and vitality."

Cindy Andries, Belgium (Self Owner Business)
18 Nov 2014
"This training brought me a lot of awareness of how to let go of old patterns and ideas and beliefs that don't serve me anymore. I was blown away by the things that came up during the 5 Element practices and by the energy I felt and still feel.

I've never worked in a group, as I took my Teacher Training privately with the teachers from The Elemental Yoga School, and it was really special that nobody was judging or comparing themselves to me or each other. The way this course is taught makes it easy to take your own path inside the group. It is a very special way of teaching.

My very heartfelt thanks to the teachers"

Dominique Van Der Bos, Holland (Yoga Teacher)
18 Nov 2014
"This training is rich in skills and practices that effected me in a very surprising way. The most important thing I've learned is to listen more to myself, and to use the Elements to help me hear where I have lost balance. I discovered that all we need to know in life is being mirrored through the way Nature creates harmony. We only need to open ourselves in this way to receive that wisdom.

The skills in this course are based on the experience of the course itself, so I feel fully capable to walk others through Elemental Yoga Therapy processes and into the inner conversation that needs to happen if they are going to make the changes they are wanting to make.

Once you've started connecting to this wisdom, its all about keeping it simple. It just feels right."

Rachel Allen, England (Yoga Teacher)
14 Jul 2013
"This training is simply transformative. I left feeling connected to myself in a way I haven’t felt before – steady and yet expansive. I now have a new set of principles that not only align my life with Nature but to also help me to support others in a transformative way. Magic! The teachers created a space for growth and development, within a depth of yoga principles and a true connection to Nature. I walked out ready to start working with my clients."

Christian Gentile, Italy (Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker)
14 Jul 2013
"The EYT journey taught me how the Elements are fundamental to yoga philosophy. It has has given me a totally new perspective about yoga and life in general, and as a Yoga teacher and massage therapist, this course gave me the right tools to make great changes in both of these practices.

Learning from the Elemental Yoga Teachers was a special experience as I learned in a beautifully supportive environment and grew through their encouragement to keep experiencing and feeling the effect of the Elemental practices on myself.

I am looking forward for more training with you guys! Hari Om."

Supriya Susiarjo, Singapore (Yoga Teacher, Fine Artist)
13 Jul 2013
"This course is so beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their health and life style, and I think all yoga teachers would benefit from understanding the 5 Elements. This was both a training and a retreat for me, as we worked and played together. Both the Elemental Yoga Teachers provided an excellent support ground in guiding us through the course, and were very complementary to each other."

Laura McBride, England (Yoga Teacher)
13 Jul 2013
"I loved the simplicity of the Elemental approach, it allowed me to really immerse myself and explore it in my own way. The great support of the teachers and the pace of this training enhanced my experience, as we were encouraged to discover much about our selves. These guys are truly inspiring teachers with the compassion and patience to make such a journey."

Uwe Heim, Norway (Yoga Teacher)
13 Jul 2013
"A profound learning experience on a personal and professional level. Thank you for offering this space with love, compassion and honesty… your genuine knowledge and good example allowed me to meet the Elements within and awakened my inner smile!"

Gayle Fletcher, England
12 Jul 2013
"I have attended 3 Yoga courses with The Elemental Yoga School & continue to study Elemental Yoga Therapy with them. Every step in this journey felt Sacred. Each course has shown me magic beyond my expectations, by deeply enriching my connection to Nature, to other human beings, to life.

These guys have a sincere intention towards fully delivering on Experiential Learning: a true way to teach Yoga.

The Elemental Yoga Teachers offer their full-hearted support for people to grow & teach Yoga in a style that is unique to them as individuals. They encourage students to find their own Yoga, to bring balance to their constitution & more harmony to life in action.

Elemental Yoga Therapy offers people empowerment to take their health into their own hands. I choose to continue my study with Elemental Yoga School because I feel supported by the teachers in my teaching and because it is an important time for human beings to be connecting with Nature’s Wisdom.
It left me with a deep sense of responsibility to stay connected to the qualities and gifts I have been given."

Silvia Facchinello, Italy (Yoga Teacher, Aid Worker)
12 Jul 2013
"This course was a journey that gently guided me to reconnect with Nature and its healing power, and I fully experienced the transformative effects of connecting with the Elements. The teachers are both open hearted and super friendly and have shown me the missing ingredient to move forward in my life. EYT offers a totally new approach of experiencing, rather than learning and remembering. A sharing of precious knowledge. Amazing!"

Rhiannon Wynn, Yoga Teacher (USA)
12 Jul 2013
"For a couple of years I had been considering doing a Yoga Therapy course and when I read the Elemental Yoga Therapy course outline, it really resonated with me. The teachings provided to us during the course illustrated, in such a beautiful way, that we are inseparable from Nature and the Elements. We are Nature.

The way the teachers guided us was really special. They teach by encouraging you to really feel the effects of the Elements. I also found it really helpful to be reminded to not try and grasp at the vast amount of information. As we continued the course and the practices, this information was being repeated in numerous ways, which created a process of assimilation. In this way, the teachings ended up speaking for themselves.

I have long believed in the healing that is intrinsic in our yoga practice and what I've learned with Elemental Yoga School are tools that I am happy to be able to share with my students and others to promote personal growth and healing.
Hari Om Tat Sat!"

AnneMarie Rozenboom, Holland (Yoga Teacher)
12 Jul 2013
"The Elemental Yoga School Teachers have been great in guiding me during this 5 Element process! In an organic way, they gave me the confidence to become a yoga teacher, even though at first I did not believe this could be my path. With joyful and lighthearted spirits, they never lost my attention; their approach to teaching is seriously interesting and still often very entertaining.

The personal and emphatic approach of them surprises me over and over again and I found that in a creative way I really came closer to my spiritual side without having a specific intention at the beginning.

Through the Elements they know exactly what each and every student needs during their course. I keep coming back to The Elemental Yoga School !"

Kim Stansfield, New Zealand (Yoga Teacher of 30 Years)
11 Jul 2013
"I would highly recommend this to those both new to yoga and for long time students. It is a refreshing way of applying the ongoing teachings of Yoga, and I am looking forward to applying all that I have learnt into my classes."

Jenny Viktorson, (Yoga Teacher)
11 Jul 2013
"Elemental Yoga Therapy has been an incredibly deep journey, one that has really has taken my yoga practice to a whole new level. Just as yoga has to be practiced to understand what it really is, so does one have to take this training to understand its magic."

Tanya Kemp, South Africa (Yoga Teacher & Psychologist)
31 Oct 2012
"The Elemental Yoga Therapy Training has had such a significant impact on me as a person, my connection with Nature and my connection with others.

I understand myself, my body and my place in the world so much better and I feel excited again about my own journey is this world.

The course is expertly laid out and couldn´t be taught in a more clear and concise way. The teachers of The Elemental Yoga School know their subject matter so well and they create a safe, serious yet also lighthearted learning environment. They mirror the balance we seek in the elements in they way they present the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about yoga, who is seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the Nature around.

Life Changing!"

Savita Khemlani, Spain (Yoga Teacher)
31 Oct 2012
"I have learnt a lot more in this course than I can ever express on paper. Overall it has been a fruitful journey of self-development. It has proven how we can nourish ourselves with energy. It has mainly given me the sensation of observing and feeling my natural state of being. Thank you guys for creating this space for me to return to my center. Hari Om Tat Sat!"

Laura Smail, UK (Yoga Teacher & Bodyworker)
31 Oct 2012
"I went through some wobbly days in this course but I have emerged from this extraordinary month feeling more like me than ever before and a clearer sense of what to focus on within myself. I have felt such a strong sense of community within the group, of real belonging, of equality, maturity and care.

Thank you Elemental Yoga for creating the space for this journey with so much brilliance, sincerity, humor, intelligence and unwavering, unconditional support. Your ability to mange energy and nurture growth is ridiculously impressive and appreciated."

Deborah Maguire, UK (Registered Nurse & Yoga Teacher)
31 Oct 2012
"Like any course it is only interesting as the teachers make it. The teachers are the embodiment of the elements and bring the processes to life in the most interesting, natural way. I have never trusted a teacher in such a way!"

Anne-Lauren Graham, USA (Yoga Teacher)
31 Oct 2012
""Elemental Yoga School and what they offer in the way of Elemental Yoga Therapy is genius. In training each participant on how to use the diagnostic tools from the most ancient and ultimate reality, Nature, we are able to tap into the wisdom of the planet. I have enjoyed the techniques I learned for applying this wisdom to help heal the individual, and the imbalances in their expressions.

I loved my training with Elemental Yoga School and value the way it has shifted my view of the world, and of the tools that are available for self healing.""

Violeta Sredojevic (Yoga Teacher and Bodyworker)
30 Oct 2012
"Since the Elemental Yoga Therapy training I have developed a better connection with all that is around us. I learned how to improve my wellbeing and to better support others. I saw how Nature is conspiring in my favor, and feel I have been deeply re-aligned with it."

Daniel Pugh, Equador (Humanitarian Aid Worker)
22 Jul 2011
"A transformational bend in the Road. These teachings provide us with a natural framework on which to hang the workings of the Mind, and prepare us to begin working with the Minds and Bodies of others."

Lisa Hickinbotham, England (Special Needs Careworker)
21 Jul 2011
"I have not before experienced Yoga like this. To have understood how I limit my body with my thoughts, then to have found a way to work with those thoughts, has taken my Yoga practice to a whole new level. The wisdom is definately within."

Neel Schmidt, Holland (TTC and EYT Graduate, Yoga Teacher)
21 Jul 2011
"This course showed me how to shift and flow with these wonderful energies in my body. I learnt how to become fully present and let go of the stories that stop me from feeling more peaceful. I feel totally reconnected,

About Elemental Yoga as Medicine

The 2 courses I have now completed with Elemental Yoga School changed my life in many ways through changes it helped me make in my perception, my beliefs, my own stories and my thoughts... Connecting with nature around and within me is one the most powerful experiences I have ever had.

Since I was a child I behaved with symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and in the beginning of my twenties it became a severe form that resulted in a life full of anxiety, self-injury and depression. While the few years of therapy I undertook helped for sure, I was not beyond this behavior until the Portugal course in 2011.

For the first time in my life I experienced days without OCD. The course brought me deeply into myself, it showed me how to feel so connected to myself which made me realize that everything is changing all the time; around us and within us. I deeply realized that the OCD was my way to protect myself, and something I had wanted to hold on to.
Connecting to the possibility of change, trusting in life itself and the deep connection with my own strong center showed me another life. At the Elemental Yoga Therapy course in 2012, I made an even stronger connection to myself. I feel blessed to be a student of The Elemental Yoga School."

Keith SL, Ireland (Yoga Studio Manager)
21 Jul 2011
"Elemental Yoga is a heart-warming and transforming experience. Powerfully simple, beautifully taught. For me it is a true Yogic discovery."

Saskia Van der Voort, Holland (Yoga Teacher)
21 Jul 2011
"Elemental Yoga reconnected me to myself, by connecting me to Nature. To have been through both a study course and personal elemental journey together was a beautiful harmonising experience."

Lars Andersen, Denmark (Elemnental Yoga TTC Graduate)
5 Feb 2011
"Thank you for a fantastic journey the last month! I feel younger, stronger and extremely vitalized after 1 month in your incredibly dedicated company. Being a diabetic with at times serious and confronting complications through the last 10 years, I am now on a special personal healing journey and the input which I got from your Teacher Training was invaluable. This fantastic integration of yoga and the 5 Elements has forever given me a new perspective upon viewing and healing my disease. Elemental Yoga as medicine is for everybody with health challenges."